Fisherman Rescued by the M/V CAMPOS CAPTAIN

Fisherman Rescued by the M/V CAMPOS CAPTAINOn July 10th, while conducting operations with the platform Ocean Ambassador, the MN CAMPOS CAPTAIN responded to a call from the platform Ocean Star. The platform advised that they had rescued two fishermen, but a third was still missing.

The general alarm sounded, the entire crew gathered and instructions were given. After approximately one hour of searching, the 57-year-old man was spotted and rescued, along with his 15-foot fishing boato The fisherman was found alert and oriented, but extremely impaired due to being two days without food or water under adverse weather conditions.

“The weather conditions were not favorable for easy viewing, especially due to the swells, but our properly trained and organized crew led to the successful rescue. The Campos Oil Basin faces numerous occurrences this time of the year;’ said Master Dayvison.

The crew of the CAMPOS CAPTAIN is as follows:

Captain/Master. Dayvison Sarah Lima; Chief Mate Igor Emídio Cavalcante; Mate Solange Cristina Barbosa Dias; Chief Engineer Márcio Teixeira Mendes; 2nd Engineer Raulino Freitas dos Santos; 2nd Engineer André Marinho R. dos Santos; AB José Junior Prazeres Costa; AB Erasmo Arruda Vieira; OS Marcel Carlos M. Velezmoro; AB Leandro Júlio França Westphal; Oiler Jaime Jorge Alves; Wiper lnácio Antônio da Costa Junior; Cook Almir Pereira de Freitas; Steward Carlos Adriano de Anchieta