Vessels & Services

Bram Offshore’s fleet of vessels and highly trained crews deliver the highest quality performance and support to all aspects of the offshore industry.

Bram Offshore’s fleet consists of:

AHTS (Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessels)

Special designed vessels fitted with winches for towing and anchor handling activities, having open sterns to allow decking of anchors and high bollard pull power. AHTSs are capable of positioning and mooring drilling rigs in virtually any location, depth or sea condition and under a wide range of conditions.

PSV (Platform Supply Vessels)

Vessels specially designed to meet client needs by transporting equipment and supplies to support offshore installations.

OSRV (Oil Spill Response Vessels)

Specially designed vessels equipped with booms, skimmers and highly technological oil detection equipment for immediate responses and clean up of oil spills.

FSV (Fast Supply Vessels)

High-speed supply vessels capable of delivering urgent supplies and transporting crews.

WSSV (Well Service and Stimulation Vessels)

Vessels specially designed to provide well stimulation services in open ocean environments.

RSV (ROV Supply Vessels)

Supply vessels specially modified to work with ROVs – Remote Operated Vehicles.