BRAM Offshore Launches Pension Plan

ln July 2011, BRAM, along with BrasilPrev, launched its Pension Plan Program, the BRAM PREV, with the welfare of the employees in mind. BRAM PREV will be managed by BrasilPrev Seguros e Previdência, which was founded in 1993 with its main shareholders, Banco do Brasil and Principal Financial Group. Together they combine stability and the credibility of one of the major financial institutions in the country, along with the knowledge and high technology of major managers of United States Complementary Pension Plans.

During recent pre-embark meetings, the Company’s HR Department and a BrasilPrev representative informed employees of the plan details. Ali employees contracted by the Edison Chouest Offshore Group in Brazil are eligible for the plan.

Major advantages include: a 100% company match (per contractual rules); special commercial tax conditions (no deposit fees and reduced withdrawal taxes); multipie investment fund options; and succession planning (if something should happen to you, the accumulated reserve is available to your beneficiaries, which will not be part of your inventoried assets).

Participants will receive quarterly customized bank statements informing them of their detailed plan positions. Through this, the participants will have the opportunity to follow up on their balances, contributions made, the plan’s profitability and much more information. Additional consults are possible through the website:

Luiz Oliveira, Payroll Coordinator for BRAM Offshore, says, “The pension plan is the ideal solution to take care of our financial future and our families. This is the best option to complement the INSS retirement and ensure a better financial stability in the future; furthermore, it has the best profitability of any other investments such as savings. ln addition to this is the fact that the company is making the contribution along with the employee, which instantly doubles our investment. The plan also serves to retain our talents and to differentiate us from our competitors by adding value to our benefits. I recommend to ali employees: Sign up for BRAM PREV and have a more peaceful future:’

For questions concerning BRAM PREV, please contact BrasilPrev by e-mail at Responses will be sent within 48 hours.