BRAM Introduces Life-Saving Rules Campaign

BRAM Introduces Life-Saving Rules CampaignOver the last year, employee use of the Stop Work Authority has been a vital part of incident reduction. By using this tooI, you can prevent a serious accident from occurring. Stop Work Authority is an obligation of everyone, and no one should be afraid to use it.

ln order to promote the use of Stop Work Authority and provide further education on the company’s 12 Life-Saving Rules, BRAM initiated a year-Iong Stop Work Authority campaign focusing on one Iife-saving rule per month.

Within our Safety Management System, Section 4.5, you can find all information regarding the Stop Work Authority programoVou can also refer to QHSE Notice #5 for further details regarding the Stop Work Authority and the 12 Life-Saving Rules Campaign. We count on everyone’s participation for this campaign to be successful.