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BRAM Vessel Crews Earn HSE Gold

We would like to congratulate the crew members of the CAMPOS CARRIER, CAMPOS CONTENDER, FAST SERVICE and FAST VINICIUS. They were awarded gold-Ievel performance awards from Chevron for achieving the highest levei of HSE performance among its contractors.

C-Innovation Expands Operations in Brazil

Edison Chouest Offshore affiliate C-Innovation specializes in providing the services of underwater robotics better known as ROVs, an English acronym for remotely operated vehicles. Founded in 2007 and currently operating 29 ROVs, C-Innovation began its activities in Brazil in 200S. Among some of the tirst C-Innovation activities in Brazil involved two ROVs onboard the SSCV (semi-submersible...

BRAM Vessels Achieve Zero Downtime for 2010

Four BRAM vessels – DEBORAH KAY, ELlZABETH C, FASTTENDER and SANTOS SAILOR – ali concluded the year 2010 with zero downtime. We recognize the crew members for a job well done. DEBORAH KAY Captain/ Master Márcio Espindola Pinheiro; Captain/ Master João Luiz Amâncio Cintra da Silva; Chief Mate Fábio Rogério Neves Pinheiro; Chief Mate Victor Henrique Vieira Gomes; 2nd Mate Marcela de Sousa Costa; 2nd Mate...

Fisherman Rescued by the M/V CAMPOS CAPTAIN

On July 10th, while conducting operations with the platform Ocean Ambassador, the MN CAMPOS CAPTAIN responded to a call from the platform Ocean Star. The platform advised that they had rescued two fishermen, but a third was still missing. The general alarm sounded, the entire crew gathered and instructions were given. After approximately one hour of searching, the 57-year-old man was spotted...

BRAM Offshore Launches Pension Plan

ln July 2011, BRAM, along with BrasilPrev, launched its Pension Plan Program, the BRAM PREV, with the welfare of the employees in mind. BRAM PREV will be managed by BrasilPrev Seguros e Previdência, which was founded in 1993 with its main shareholders, Banco do Brasil and Principal Financial Group. Together they combine stability and the credibility...

BRAM Introduces Life-Saving Rules Campaign

Over the last year, employee use of the Stop Work Authority has been a vital part of incident reduction. By using this tooI, you can prevent a serious accident from occurring. Stop Work Authority is an obligation of everyone, and no one should be afraid to use it. ln order to promote the use of Stop Work Authority and provide further education on...

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